The Group Session
get Ready for A powerful saturday morning
We can absolutely schedule our time for another day but It's always been a beautiful tradition in our business to gather for our team mastermind on Saturday mornings back in 2014. 

Here we are, 10 years later...

Now we are pulling time zones from all over the world, and hosting your private team zoom is right here! You can expect a 3-5 hour video group conference depending on attendees and participation.

Every attendee will benefit from a personalized reading, alignment, specialized frequency instruction, and also a 12 month calendar analysis report. Included is access to the Alumni Portal, Video and Audio Replay, and NHD Alumni FB Group Access

Get ready for a very powerful healing experience, uplifting and upgrading your vibration to the aligned frequency of wealth and success.
hosting or sponsoring a group call?
This event is so crucial and instrumental in understanding your team, leaders, and anticipating their needs and growing styles.

As a host of 10 guests or more, you are gifted you own personal 90 minute private debrief session with me at no extra cost. This call is valued at $399usd

In our follow up call, we get to relive the energy of your experience in the group, recalibrate your team management game plan and get you set up for the highest possible success. 

I am blessed and honoured to welcome you to The Group Session!
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