The Wealth Alignment Library
Since I was old enough to work, I set down a path to customer excellence. Sales training turned into mentorship and personal development.

I started to seek out the power of belief, what skills it took to be wealthy, and learning from everywhere to help program my journey to success.

Over the course of the last 10 years, numerology gave me a real insight into how people all over the world were experiencing this. What made them different, what made some quit, etc.

The Wealth Alignment Library is now a set of courses that spans over the spectrum of my entire career so far. Journey with me as we dive into the key components of becoming aligned to Wealth. 

If it was as easy as the numbers in your name, we would all be set. But the truth is that there are vibrations and frequencies running in so many places of our lives, its hard to keep up.

But if you commit to learning and dedicate your desire, our work together here is going to be like engineering plans for your spaceship. 
All of our work together will include Alumni FB group access, Alumni Membership Access, Live continued support, and access to your own private replay portal
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The Wealth Alignment Webinar Program
Get Access to workshop that started it all, in 2018 I released the very first version of The Wealth Alignment, and serves as a total overview and beginners version of the course. A 5 Hour Course
The Wealth Alignment series
in 2020 we shifted and changed the game again. The Wealth Alignment took a whole new face and we went in for round two, and expanded into the intermediate version. Here we break down every part of The Wealth Alignment in a single masterclass on its own. A 10 Hour Course
YOUr Alignment Experience Intro
Then in 2022, our work went into a whole new dimension and The Wealth Alignment got safely tucked into Your Alignment Experience, as a chapter inside of our major total immersion program. A 6 Hour Course
Enjoy the full library now
Now included are all three points of this series, as well as access to the Alumni Membership Group and Portal. You'll get live access and coaching support monthly with me inside of the Numerology Alumni.
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